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Bessemer City is a city located in Gaston County, North Carolina. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 5,119. (More Info and Source) Bessemer City Real Estate

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Huge schizophrenia study finds dozens of new genetic causes

A consortium of hundreds of researchers has released what's been dubbed the largest study ever into the genetic causes of mental illness. The illness in focus: schizophrenia.
The study, published in Nature, compared the DNA of around 150,000 individuals spanning clinics all over the world.
They found 108 places on the genome that tend to be different in people with the disease than in people without.
Of those 108, 83 are totally new findings, meaning the possibilities for research into the genetic causes of and treatments for the disease have now more than tripled. 
Schizophrenia affects around 1 percent of the population, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Some of the common symptoms are hallucinations involving any of the five senses, delusions, particularly feelings of persecution, depression-like symptoms like apathy and lack of pleasure, and what the NIMH calls "disorganized thinking."
One of the trademark symptoms is hearing voices. Artist Sue Morgan tried to tell Nature what that's like earlier this year.
"I can hear various conversations, and there's a particular set of conversations which are two people having a telephone conversation and I'm intercepting it."
And CNN's Anderson Cooper got a taste recently when he tried a "schizophrenia simulator."
"It makes you feel completely isolated from everyone else around you. You don't want to engage in conversation with other people, you find yourself wanting to engage in conversation with the voices in your head."
There are drugs that help people manage the hallucinations and delusions, but LiveScience says, "No medications with fundamentally new ways of treating schizophrenia have been developed since the 1950s."
That might change with the help of the new study. And while DNA can't account for all of the risk factors for schizophrenia, the researcher in charge of the study, Michael O'Donovan, told the BBC understanding the genetics is a huge first step.
"What it does do is give the opportunity for lots of further research really firmly based in a solid foundation of knowledge to understand the biology."
The National Institutes of Health estimate the U.S. will spend more than $230 million on schizophrenia research this year.

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 10:59:09 -0400

Man beats cats to death with golf club for 'betraying' him

A man in Pennsylvania admitted to fatally beating his two cats with a golf club because he felt "betrayed" after they scratched him.

The Erie Times-News reports 32-year-old Christopher J. Bisbee pleaded guilty Monday to a second-degree misdemeanor of cruelty to animals and faces up to two years in prison when he's sentenced Oct. 7.

The Erie man applied for a first-offenders program that would have placed him on probation without a guilty plea, but was rejected.

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He told authorities he "struck both cats numerous times with a golf club until they no longer were moving."

A Humane Society officer acting on a tip found the cat carcasses in Bisbee's garbage in June 2013. Several people at Bisbee's residence implicated him before police say he confessed.

Defense attorney Stephen Sebald says Bisbee has "proactively sought mental health counseling" and a report from that doctor will be forwarded to the court before he's sentenced.

—The Associated Press contributed

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:07:47 -0400

Sand tunnel collapse kills recent college grad at Calif. beach

Tracks in the sand near the shoreline of Francis State Beach, show the spot where people tried to rescue Adam Pye after a sand tunnel collapsed over the 26-year-old San Lorenzo man Monday afternoon.

His parents and family gathered at their house in San Lorenzo Tuesday, still in shock over the loss of the young man they say had a bright smile and a bright future ahead.

"A perfect son, a perfect brother, a perfect friend...a perfect cousin," said Debra Pye, in tears, holding a photo of her son.

Pye's parents say Adam's trip to the beach with close family friends was supposed to be a well-deserved rest for their hard-working son, who had just graduated June 14th from Cal State East Bay, with a major in business communications.

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His parents say the 26-year-old had been helping friends dig a tunnel about 10 feet deep, when it collapsed about 5:30p.m. Monday.

"The girls came out of their tunnel, his tunnel caved in and they turned around and said, where's Adam, where's Adam?" said Kevin Pye, Adam's father.

The sand had trapped Adam. His father says the girls tried to save him, by holding up his head which was briefly exposed, before more sand gave way.

Friends and strangers on the beach ran to help.

"There were dozens, dozens of people from the beach, men, women and children pulling sand out of this hole," said George Fry, a camper from Utah who also rushed to help dig with his hands.

"You're just grabbing sand a little bit at a time," Fry told Bay Area TV station KTVU.

First responders from the Coastside Fire Protection District arrived about four minutes after the call.

"They were just starting to get to his head when our first crews got there," said Fire Captain Jonathan Cox who was at the scene.

Cox says Adam was unconscious when paramedics managed to clear sand away from his head and open his airway. After 35 minutes of digging, crews managed to pull him out. They performed CPR but were not able to revive him.

Pye's mother says Adam had worked hard since the age of 15, when he got a job selling concessions at the Oakland Coliseum. His parents say their son had worked his way through school, putting in 12-13 hours on the night shift at the Oakland Airport UPS facility and then turning around to attend school during the day.

"That was all he ever did was just school work and finally he graduated to say Mom, finally, now I have some time, I can rest," Debra Pye said.

Fire officials say while many people think of danger from waves and water at the beach, sand is an equal threat.

"It's extremely unstable, sand is in its nature. And it obviously collapsed extremely quickly," Cox said.

Fire officials covered the holes to make sure no one falls in. They say with so many people on the beaches during this season, they hope people will realize the danger that sand can pose.

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 08:46:10 -0400

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