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Woman who didn't know she was pregnant gives birth at doctor's office

A South Wales woman who went to her doctor complaining of stomach pains turned out to be pregnant and gave birth at the doctor’s office.

Clare Evans, 24 of Risca, in Wales, was told she may have a kidney infection when she called the medical helpline and said she had no idea she was actually pregnant.

According to the South Wales Argus, Evans arrived at the doctor's office and went to give a urine sample when something unexpected happened.

“When I went to the toilet my waters broke,” Evans told the Argus.

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Doctors took Evans into an exam room and informed her they could see the head of the baby and that she was 9 cm dilated.

Evans’ contractions were so close together there was no time to get her to a hospital. 

With help from other doctors in the practice and an on-duty midwife, Evans gave birth to Erin Louise Roberts, a 6–pound, 12 ounce baby girl.

Evans, who is a first-time mother, had no pain relief and the delivery took about 30 minutes, according to the Argus.

Mother and daughter, who was born at full term, were then taken to Newport's Royal Gwent Hospital. They both checked out as healthy and were discharged.

“I love motherhood, even though it was completely unexpected I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Evans told the newspaper.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 09:32:18 -0400

New math app a student dream or teacher nightmare?

A new smartphone app may reignite a debate about how technology should be used in education.

PhotoMath, by London-based software company MicroBlink, is an app available for iOS and Windows phones (Android is reportedly coming in 2015) that allows users to  scan a math problem with their camera and get an answer instantly.

Engadget reports the app will show you the steps to get the answer.

The app maker is marketing the tool as a next-generation calculator, but some are likely to question if this technology is helping or hurting students.

What do you think about the app? Is this a tool that will help students absorb difficult math concepts or is it just a tool to help students cheat? 

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 08:45:26 -0400

2 suspicious overnight fires being investigated in Lancaster

Officials in Lancaster County were investigating two separate fires that they say may have been started by an arsonist early Wednesday morning.

Firefighters and deputies with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office responded to a vacant building at the corner of Cross Street and Second Street just after midnight and found it on fire.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the flames but less than five hours later they had to respond to another fire.

A deputy on patrol noticed smoke coming from the Old Mill Grocery on Old Landsford Road around 5 a.m. and saw flames inside the building.

Because the first fire happened in a building with no utilities and the two fires occurred approximately 100 yards away from each other, crime scene investigators responded and deemed the fires suspicious in nature.

The State Law Enforcement Division as well as the Arson Unit is helping in the investigation.

Anyone who may have information about the fires is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 803-283-3388 or Crimestoppers at 1-888-274-6372.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 08:39:08 -0400

City wants to split Florida into two states

The South Miami City Commission has passed a resolution that would split Florida in half, making South Florida the 51st state.

Vice Mayor Walter Harris first put the resolution on the table. It passed with a 3-2 vote at the city commission meeting on Oct. 7.

Harris told the commission that Florida isn’t doing enough to address South Florida’s concerns about rising sea levels.

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The mayor of the town agreed with Harris, saying he’s called for secession for the past 15 years but never actually wrote a resolution. He also blasted the northern part of the state, saying, “They would love to saw the state in half and just let us float off into the Caribbean.”

Opponents of the bill warned that secession could create a dangerous precedent for other regions that aren’t satisfied, even on a city level.

The resolution would make Brevard, Orange, Polk, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties as the northern border of South Florida.

In total, 24 counties would be a part of the proposed state.

The resolution’s approval now sends it to the governing bodies of the proposed South Florida counties for their approval. However, the measure would require approval from the entire state and Congress before actually happening.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 08:35:17 -0400

How the media reported a Pew Study about itself

The media loves a good story about the media, and what better occasion for some self-analysis than the release of Pew Research Center's latest study on how Americans consume their news?

The study, called "Political Polarization & Media Habits," broke down survey respondents by political affiliation, asking them where they get their news and which sources they trust. 

The big take-away making all the headlines is that liberals and conservatives live in basically opposite media worlds, visiting sites that align with what they already think.

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Now, the idea that we're increasingly living inside media bubbles isn't particularly new. Some have blamed social media:

TED: "I was kind of surprised when I noticed one day that the conservatives had disappeared from my Facebook feed."

Some blame search engines:

BBC: "Experiencing a personalized and limited internet which filters out stuff that doesn't match our own likes and prejudices."

And the results weren't particularly shocking, either. Liberals love NPR, PBS and The New York Times, conservatives love Fox News and talk radio.

But there's got to be a media narrative in there somewhere, right? How about, "Liberals are intolerant"?

That's a headline conservative sites latched onto. The study says liberals were more likely to say they had blocked or unfriended somebody over political disagreements. The Blaze even called it a "distinctly liberal tactic."

FOX NEWS: "So you're saying conservatives are more loyal?"

"No, tolerant. They're more tolerant."

"And loyal."

But conservatives weren't innocent of political unfriending, especially when you consider that they were less likely to ever see a political disagreement in their timeline in the first place.

The other big talking point was poor, poor Buzzfeed, which, despite having a serious news section, was the least-trusted source by pretty much everyone. Guess people still associate it more with listicles and quizzes

Buzzfeed's editor-in-chief Ben Smith took the news well, telling Talking Points Memo: "Most of the great news organizations have been around for decades, and trust is something you earn over time. ... Our organization is new, our news operation is even newer, and it’s early days for us."

On the other side of the coin, The Wall Street Journal was too classy to brag about its spot as the most widely-trusted news outlet anywhere on the site — but a few of its reporters and editors couldn't resist pointing it out on Twitter.

The whole study is available on Pew's website.


Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 08:06:39 -0400

York residents worry about mine contamination

(AP) Some York County residents are worried about possible contamination of private wells in rural York County caused by a mining operation from the 1940s.

The State newspaper reported that a public meeting on possible contamination was held Tuesday night in Clover.

The federal government is trying to protect the wells from contaminated groundwater that leaked from the old Henry's Knob kyanite mine. The mine opened in 1947 and has been closed for years.

Officials say they've found elevated levels of manganese and cobalt in the groundwater.

Many of those at the meeting complained the government has not done enough to protect their well water and has failed to tell them about cleanup efforts.

Others complained about health problems they think stem from the pollution from the mine.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:49:33 -0400

LISTEN: Bristol Palin describes alleged brawl in new police audio

Anchorage police have released audio of Bristol Palin describing what happened during a massive brawl last month, CNN reported late Tuesday.

In the censored audio clip that CNN posted, Palin said she got involved in the fight because "some old lady" pushed her sister, Willow Palin.

"A guy comes out of nowhere and pushes me on the ground, takes me by my feet in my dress – in my thong dress in front of everybody – [and says], 'Come on you [expletive], get the [expletive] out of here. Come on, you [expletive]! Get the [expletive] out of here," she said.

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Police also released several crime-scene photos from the incident. Click here to see an Alaska Dispatch News slideshow of the images. (WARNING: Some of the photos are graphic.) 

Read the full story here.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:33:13 -0400

Ryan, Tillis to rally NC Republicans at Wingate

(AP) U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is coming to a North Carolina university to campaign for GOP Senate nominee Thom Tillis.

The 2012 vice presidential candidate will headline a rally Wednesday at Wingate University with Tillis, who is locked in a tight battle to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan.

The GOP has long listed North Carolina as a top target to help win back the U.S. Senate.

The campaign is considered the most expensive in the country when spending by Hagan, Tillis and outside groups is taken into account. The Center for Responsive Politics says the combined amount is $59 million.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 06:46:07 -0400

Concord police: Pedestrian struck by Meck Co. deputy's car

Police in Concord were investigating after they said a pedestrian was struck by a Mecklenburg County deputy's car early Wednesday morning.

Officers told Channel 9 that the person was hit on Cabarrus Avenue East around 6 a.m. and rushed to Carolinas Medical Center Northeast.

The extent of their injuries was not immediately available, nor were details surrounding the incident.

A spokesperson with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office told Channel 9 that the deputy was on his way into work to begin his shift when the accident happened.

Check back with for updates on this developing story.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 06:26:51 -0400

Prison guard charged with impersonating officer

Cabarrus County deputies said a Lanesboro prison guard pretended to be an officer, flashed a badge and pointed a gun at a driver after she cut him off.

Paul Grundzinski, 35, is charged with impersonating an officer and assault by pointing a gun.

Deputies said the incident started in Anson County, but after the woman pulled over on Sunrise Drive in Cabarrus County, Grudzinksi approached her car.

Grudzinksi was not booked into jail but he'll face the charges in court in December.

Officials said Grudzinski, who has been employed by the North Carolina Department of Corrections since 2013, was placed on administrative duty while an internal investigation proceeds.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 05:08:33 -0400

Police: Truck trying to make u-turn brings down power pole

Two lanes of North Tryon Street were closed for hours early Wednesday morning after a truck pulled down a power pole overnight.

Police had one lane in each direction closed near Interstate 277 after they said the driver of the truck tried to make a u-turn and hooked the power lines, bringing down the pole.

The accident knocked out the lights at the intersection of North Tryon and 16th Street.

Utility crews worked to fix the broken power pole and all lanes were reopened around 8:30 a.m.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 04:34:19 -0400

One american airline company leaving Charlotte

One of american airlines operators is leaving Charlotte.

Mesa Airlines says it will transition to Dallas in the next two months. 

Pacific Southwest Airlines will take its place at Charlotte Douglas.

Many of Mesa's pilots and flight attendants will now be stationed in Dallas.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 03:56:00 -0400

Police: Pro-gun group's campaign signs stolen by former city councilwoman

Police investigated a former city councilwoman in Bellevue, Washington, after they said she stole campaign signs for a measure that would prevent additional background checks for gun owners.

Police also submitted information to the Bellevue City Attorney’s Office for a third-degree theft charge against the former city councilwoman, Margot Blacker, after a representative for the pro-gun rights group that owns the signs said he was interested in pursuing charges.

Blacker, 74, was known for her liberal views when she served on the Bellevue City Council from 1989-1997. She was elected to the council after serving as Bellevue planning commissioner and also is a past president of the Bellevue Historical Society, which Blacker helped found.

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On Oct. 13, a man called Bellevue police saying she watched a woman stealing a campaign sign. He provided the license plate for her car and Blacker’s description.

Bellevue police contacted the Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Protect Our Gun Rights the day of the theft report. A representative said they would like to pursue charges for the stolen sign, which is valued at $4-$5. Blacker later told police she had taken two signs.

“It’s one thing for an average citizen to do this, but someone who has served in municipal government to be involved in this – you have to sit back and scratch your head and wonder what’s going on here,” said Dave Workman, a gun rights supporter involved with the campaign.

Police tracked Blacker through the license plate, and when contacted, Blacker admitted taking the sign, according to a police report.

“Margot stated that she recently had about 15 of her pro I-594 signs stolen and was certain that Bellevue pro I-591-associated personnel stolen them,” a Bellevue officer wrote in the report. Blacker said she planned to steal 15 signs and return them to the pro-gun rights group, the report said.

She told police she hadn’t contacted the group about her plan. Asked how she knew the pro-gun rights group had stolen the pro I-591 signs, Blacker said, “She knew nobody else could have done it” but didn’t elaborate on the alleged theft, according to the report.

Supporters of Initiative 591 said it would protect against gun confiscation without due process, would keep government from collecting personal data and “protects background check uniformity and prevents unwarranted intrusion by the state into temporary firearm loans to friends or in-laws.” Pro I-591 supporters also said the initiative would stop the state from creating a universal gun registry that could enable future confiscation.

Many opponents of I-591 have supported Initiative 594 which would require background checks for every gun purchased in Washington, whether at a gun show, online or through a private party. That’s stricter than the national standard.

In April, a poll showed Washington voters support both 591 and 594 – and if both pass, they could create a confusing situation in Washington.

The Washington Attorney General’s Office told Seattle's KIRO-TV that if both pass, a court might give effect to the measure that receives more "yes" votes than the other one.

A Bellevue officer met with Blacker at her home, and she returned two pro-I-591 signs she said she’d taken, police said. The officer returned the signs to the pro-gun rights group, where a representative said he was interested in pursuing charges.

Bellevue police closed the case and forwarded it to the City Attorney’s Office on Oct. 17.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 03:53:33 -0400

Ben Bradlee, Washington Post editor during Watergate, dies at 93

Ben Bradlee, former executive editor of The Washington Post, has died. He was 93.

At the helm of the Post from 1968-1991, he led the paper through some of its most defining moments. He oversaw coverage of the Watergate scandal, earning him a portrayal in the Oscar-winning film “All the President’s Men.” (Video via The Washington PostWarner Bros. / "All The President's Men")

BRADLEE VIA ABC: “These guys were on a roll. They had the town by the throat. Nobody else was touching them.”

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During his tenure, he also fought the Nixon administration over his decision to run a trove of leaked documents on the Vietnam War known as the Pentagon Papers.

In September, his wife, fellow Post reporter Sally Quinn, disclosed Bradlee’s Alzheimer’s had gotten worse and he was in hospice care at their home. 

SALLY QUINN VIA C-SPAN: “I don’t think we’ve ever been as loving with each other as we are now. You know, we spend a lot of time together, and we hold hands, and he knows me.”

For the past 23 years, he’d carried the title “vice president at large” at the Post. He also published a memoir titled “A Good Life.”

This video includes images from Miguel Ariel Contreras Drake-McLaughlin / CC BY SA 2.0, Getty Images and Terissa Schor / CC BY NC 2.0.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 03:26:02 -0400

Attorney says judge scolded her for bringing baby to court

A Gwinnett County, Georgia, attorney filed a complaint against a federal judge after she says he reprimanded her for bringing her baby to court, according to Atlanta's WSB-TV and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Attorney Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle said she filed a motion for a continuance and provided a doctor’s note, which recommended she stay on maternity leave for six weeks.

“Counsel for the respondents is a solo practitioner and does not have another attorney in the firm that may appear on her behalf,” Ehrisman-Mickle wrote in her motion. The opposing counsel did not oppose her motion.

Judge J. Dan Pellettier Sr. denied the motion, saying she showed “no good cause” and that the “hearing date (was) set prior to counsel accepting representation.”

Ehrisman-Mickle said she found out on a Friday that the continuance had been denied for the next Tuesday. She said she made efforts to find child care but couldn’t, and no daycare would accept her baby, who was under 6 weeks old. 

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Ehrisman-Mickle said she was left with no choice but to bring her baby to court with her.

She said that when she arrived, her child started to cry and the judge reprimanded her for bringing the child to court, calling it “inappropriate.”

“Not only do you slap me in the face and deny my request for maternity leave, you embarrassed me in front of a full courtroom,” Ehrisman-Mickle told WSB-TV after she said she was forced to bring the child to U.S Immigration Court in Atlanta.  

Ehrisman-Mickle said Pelletier told her, “Your pediatrician must be appalled that you brought your child here and exposed her to all of these germs.”

She said that after a conversation, Pellettier ultimately gave her a continuance to Oct. 28, right after her maternity leave is over. However, she said she is upset with the way he handled the situation.

“I was shocked and embarrassed and humiliated, and even now I can’t believe it happened,” she said.

The complaint she filed is being investigated, but she said she is coming forward with a message to working mothers.

“I think the country needs to start to re-evaluate maternity leave and realize it is not just a vacation for moms to hang out and relax; it is a time for bonding, and it is really important for the child,” she said. 

The judge would not comment on his decision.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 02:39:37 -0400

Police: Mom charged after 2-year-old found alone eating gum off busy street

A mother is facing charges after police say they found her 2-year-old daughter sitting on a busy street corner alone in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.

The woman who found the girl and called police said the toddler was filthy and eating gum off the ground.

Despite being alone, the woman said the girl was in good spirits.

“She’s just a sweetheart. She’s always smiling. I’ve never seen her unhappy,” said a neighbor.

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The woman who found her said the girl didn’t even cry.

The girl’s mother, Mary McChesney, is charged with endangering the welfare of children.

After Pittsburgh's WPXI-TV aired this story at 6 p.m. Tuesday, McChesney spoke with anchor Lisa Sylvester. She said the whole incident is a tragic misunderstanding. 

McChesney said she was getting ready for work, and there were two other adults in the house, but somehow her daughter opened the door.   

The mother said she’s eternally grateful for the woman who found her daughter. 

“I don’t know this lady, but she is a true blessing. She may have saved my daughter’s life,” McChesney said.

McChesney’s former neighbor said McChesney is a good mom, and this was an accident.

Police said the girl was checked out by EMS workers, and she had some cuts.

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 01:54:51 -0400

Police: Armed and dangerous man spotted in Gastonia

Police said a wanted man considered armed and dangerous was spotted in Gastonia.
Harry Allison is wanted for a shooting in Clover and is accused of attempted murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.
Police have been searching for him since a shooting last month.
They said he was seen Tuesday night on Kilborne Drive in Gastonia but took off when he saw police.

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Meck Co. leaders pass controversial tobacco ban

After months of discussion, Mecklenburg County leaders passed a controversial tobacco ban.

Commissioners talked about the ordinance for nearly an hour Tuesday night before voting.

The tobacco ban applies to county buildings and parks but it will not apply to county-owned golf courses, Freedom Park, Reedy Creek Park or the Matthews Sportsplex unless a special event is being held.

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Published: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 22:34:13 -0400

Motorcyclist hurt after serious crash near Northlake Mall

Authorities investigated a serious motorcycle wreck near Northlake Mall Tuesday night.

The crash happened at about 9:40 p.m. between Northlake Centre Parkway and Mount Holly-Huntersville Road.

Paramedics said one person was taken to Carolinas Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

Police said the motorcycle hit a curb and slammed into a guard rail.

Police blocked off roads in the area.


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 Family shocked after texting dead grandmother, getting a response

 Officials: Woman exchanged DSS info on children for cash, gifts

 RECALL ALERT: Ruptured airbags could cause serious injuries, death

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Published: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 22:24:28 -0400

Woman grateful to be alive after home riddled with bullets

Police are investigating two crimes in the same neighborhood -- a robbery and shooting on Grier Heights.

Eyewitness News reporter Trish Williford spoke with a woman whose home was shot at least 15 times.

“I don't bother nobody. Everybody will tell you I live here alone by myself and mind my business,” said Sheila Cohen.
And that's exactly what Cohen said she was doing Sunday night when bullets pierced through her home in Grier Heights.

“I thought for a minute it was firecrackers. Pop, pop,” she said. 

Her wall, window, living room kitchen and her bedroom closet were riddled with bullet holes.

“Sitting right here, laying here, looking at Channel 9 news, I heard something say, ‘Pop’ and another one went pop,” Cohen said. 

After calling 911, she found out Charlotte police were called to a shooting in the same apartment complex 30 minutes before her home was shot at.

Police said a man was attacked and robbed at gunpoint and the assailants sped off in the victim’s car.

Cohen believes the shooting at her home and the robbery are connected.

“From what I'm hearing, that's where it all escalated from that robbery and like someone came back to retaliate and they got my house mixed up,” she said. 

She's thankful to be alive Tuesday.

“’Amen,’ that's why I say I know it's the man above. God is good all the time,” Cohen said.

Published: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 21:41:00 -0400